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Teacher-on-Call Opening
French Immersion and Core French Grades K-12

School District No. 63 (Saanich) invites applications for placement on our Teacher-on-Call list in the area of French Immersion and/or Core French. The successful applicants will be placed onto our Teacher-on-Call list for work at the Elementary, Middle or Secondary level.

  • A valid BC teaching certificate
  • Bachelor of Education degree
  • Major in French and fluency equivalent to a native speaker in both written and oral French
  • Two years successful classroom experience
  • Demonstrated use of highly successful instructional strategies in the classroom
  • Commitment to support the full range of student abilities
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully integrating the use of computer technology in instructional strategies
  • Effective communication skills with students, parents and colleagues
  • Commitment to continuing professional development
  • Successful experience with adapting and modifying materials for a diversity of learners
  • A commitment to the Principles of Inclusive Schools and Principles of Learning
  • Thorough knowledge of the French Immersion and/or Core French curriculum
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in building an integrated program
  • Demonstrated interest and a strong commitment to the emotional and social development of students

Application package should include
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copy of BC Teaching Certificate along with proof of valid membership
  • Copy of Teacher Qualification Service Card
  • University Transcripts
  • Copy of most recent Teaching Report or Teaching Evaluation
  • Name and contact information of three references

French Fluency Requirements for Teaching Positions in Saanich School District

Candidates seeking positions in core French Grades 9-12 and/or French Immersion K-12 are required to submit an official Test de Français International (TFI) score or a Diplôme D’études en Langue Française (DELF) score (please see SD63 minimum proficiency levels below). For candidates wishing to teach core French K-12 or French Immersion K-12, who have not completed the tests above; a separate District French Competency Test, in lieu of the TFI/DELF, will be scheduled by the Human Resources Coordinator and marked by the District Language Coordinator. All candidates, who are selected for further screening, will take part in a 40-minute employment interview conducted in French. If your French proficiency level has been assessed with a different tool, please contact

Minimum TFI Proficiency Levels for SD63:

  • French Immersion K-12 (Oral: 395 and Written: 420)
  • Core French Grades 9-12 (Oral: 305 and Written: 305)

Minimum DELF Proficiency Levels for SD63:

  • French Immersion K-12 (B2 - 75%)
  • Core French Grades K-5 (A2 - 75%)
  • Core French Grades 6-12 (B1 - 75%)

Employment Interview Conducted in French:

  • French Immersion K-12 (*Advanced, native-like fluency)
  • Core French Grades 9-12 (*Advanced, native-like fluency)
  • Core French K-8 (**Proficient, functionally bilingual)

*Advanced (native-like fluency)

  • comfortable speaking spontaneously in a wide variety of situations and contexts
  • responds appropriately to questions and rarely makes errors related to faux amis
  • uses a variety of conversation strategies (circumlocution, intonation, self-correction, body language and verbal cues) and seldom resorts to English
  • speech flows well, is clear and pronunciation is native-like
  • ·vocabulary range is good for everyday conversations and for conversations related to an educational context but is more limited to topics that are infrequent or unusual
  • uses idiomatic expressions (some English-like structures are still present)
  • errors do not affect comprehensibility and are rare; however, Anglicisms are more frequent

**Proficient (functionally bilingual)

  • is willing to initiate a spontaneous conversation and can respond to questions and ask questions in common and familiar situations
  • approx. 80% of the time is able to comprehend questions and respond to them
  • strongly relies on conversational strategies (circumlocution, intonation, self-correction, body language and verbal cues) to convey 25% or more
  • requires prompting and assistance to maintain communication and sometimes resorts to English
  • ·vocabulary is limited
  • pronunciation is sometimes inaccurate and at times renders communication incomprehensible
  • most common idiomatic expressions are used
  • speech often contains an Anglophone turn of phrase and can be stilted or interspersed with English
  • ·overall, errors do not affect comprehensibility

DELF Testing Site for Victoria:

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May 21, 2024
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
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