Na'tsa'maht Indigenous Classroom Program Assistant (Temporary) - On-Call

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  1. Minimum of grade 12 plus at least one year's thorough training in an Indigenous-focused program or equivalent.Knowledge of Indigenous lifestyles and cultures and experience with First Nation or/and Indigenous communities demonstrated by experience of two years or more with Indigenous communities or equivalent.

  2. Experience that demonstrates a commitment to assisting Indigenous students achieve academic, emotional, spiritual, physical success in school programs.

  3. Experience that demonstrates an ability to work cooperatively as a team with principals, teachers, school staff, Indigenous partner groups to support student success and culture/language programming.

  4. Experience that demonstrates an understanding of cultural protocols and professional boundaries when communicating with Indigenous communities both verbally and in writing.

  5. Experience that demonstrates knowledge of available school community resources for Indigenous students.

  6. Experience that demonstrates respect for the confidential nature of all information relating to students,families and staff.

  7. Experience that demonstrates an ability to work well in an intercultural setting, using a high degree of tact and diplomacy.

  8. Experience that demonstrates computer literacy (Word, Outlook, Teams, Excel, Google Suite, etc.)

  9. Experience that demonstrates strong organizational skills and ability to maintain accurate service records and tracking a budget.

RESPONSIBLE TO: District Principal – Indigenous Education

District Vice Principal – Indigenous Education


JOB GOAL: To support Indigenous students and/or non-Indigenous students, by working within schools. To be a role-model for students and staff. To assist and encourage students in achieving their greatest potential in an intercultural environment. To maintain regular contact with all Indigenous students in the school and to assist teachers in meeting the needs of Indigenous students. To perform role as a district employee.

Ministry of Education Indigenous Student is: A student who has self-identified as being Indigenous ancestry (First Nations: status and non-status, Metis or Inuit).

Performance Responsibilities :

  1. To seamlessly provide in-class support to Indigenous students as well as to enhance and enrich culture & language programming in the classroom inclusive of all students. This may include but is not limited to: sharing cultural knowledge, reading stories, facilitating plant walks, participating in field trips, making traditional tea, bringing local language awareness, modeling territorial acknowledgements, extending classroom learning with discussion or activity.

  2. Support and manage the self-identification process of Indigenous students, which may include reviewing student files, MyEdBC and getting parent consent by email, phone, electronically or in paper form.

  3. To communicate NIE programming additions to school office clerical according to Ministry of Education 1701 data collection snapshot dates in September and February.

  4. To be audit compliant by creating and following a daily schedule and maintaining service records reflecting 1701 student list and NIE programming

5. To assist Indigenous students in matters affecting their education.

6. To provide regular updates to school administration about NIE programming and arising student concerns and celebrations. This may include informing the classroom teacher and the School-Based Team of information related to individual students.

7. To gather, co-develop or promote materials related to the provincial curriculum and local First Nations culture as well as that of the broader Indigenous community.

8. To be involved in the planning of cultural programs and maintaining a bulletin board within the schools by working with school and/or district staff and Indigenous partner groups. This includes promoting and supporting the Role Model Program and Elders (virtual and in-person) with booking, submitting honouraria requests, hosting (parking, greeting, introducing and providing refreshment) and providing feedback forms to teachers.

9. To act as a resource person in an advisory capacity for Indigenous events and programs in the district and to support classroom teachers in parent meetings, as requested.

10. To track a school’s honouraria and NIE supply budget with knowledge of the school clerical and administration.

11. To perform other assigned comparable or transient duties that are within the area of knowledge and skills required by this job description.


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Please be advised that only the successful candidate will be notified. The name of the successful candidate will be made known by the Human Resources Department by sending an email of the name of the successful candidate to all the schools.

Please note that failure to attach all pertinent information (i.e.: certificates, outline of relevant experience, resume, etc.) to demonstrate that you are qualified may exclude you from this posting.

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July 02, 2024
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Part Time, Contract
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ECE, EA and Support Staff
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