Science Teacher (Grade 6/7)

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Pythagoras Academy is an exceptional co-educational independent school for students Junior

Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our school prides itself on a unique educational philosophy which

champions the role of the Fine Arts. We believe in encouraging creativity in our students and

consider it to be one of the most valuable and transferable core skills.

Job Overview

We are seeking a passionate and dedicated Science Teacher to join our team,

responsible for teaching Grade 6 and 7 students. The ideal candidate will have a deep

understanding of science concepts, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to

fostering a positive learning environment. This role involves not only teaching science

curriculum but also actively engaging with students, parents, and colleagues to ensure holistic

student development.


1. Curriculum Delivery: Plan, prepare, and deliver engaging science lessons aligned with

the curriculum standards for Grade 6 and 7.

2. Student Care: Foster a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where all

students feel valued and encouraged to participate actively in their learning. Create a

safe and caring classroom environment.

3. Material Design: Design worksheets, handouts, and other instructional materials to

support student learning and understanding of science concepts.

4. Lesson Planning: Develop comprehensive lesson plans that incorporate a variety of

teaching strategies to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.

5. Assessment and Feedback: Assess student understanding through various

assessment methods, provide timely and constructive feedback, and maintain accurate

records of student progress.

6. Report Card Writing: Write detailed and insightful report cards that accurately reflect

each student's academic achievements and areas for growth in science.

7. Parent-Teacher Meetings: Conduct regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss student

progress, address concerns, and collaborate on strategies to support student learning.

8. Lab Experiments: Design, purchase, and facilitate hands-on lab experiments relevant

to science topics covered in the curriculum, ensuring a safe and engaging learning

experience for students.

9. One-on-One Support: Provide personalized one-on-one feedback to students regarding

their academic progress, strengths, and areas for improvement in science.

10. Group Projects: Design collaborative group projects that encourage students to work

together, develop critical thinking skills, and apply scientific concepts to real-world

scenarios. This includes special science project, Science Fair for students to participate

in school for Term 3.

11. Field Trips: Plan and participate in field trips related to science education, enriching

students' learning experiences and providing opportunities for hands-on exploration.

12. Support to Homeroom Teachers: Collaborate with homeroom teachers to support

interdisciplinary learning and promote the integration of science across the curriculum.

13. Professional Development: Attend professional development activities, conferences,

and Pro-D days to stay updated on best practices in science education and enhance

teaching skills.

14. Team Collaboration: Participate actively in staff meetings, staff huddles, and school

events, contributing to a positive and collaborative school culture.

Classes to instruct/support

- Grade 6 Science (2 blocks)

- Grade 7 Science (2 blocks)

- Grade 6 Career Education (1 block)

- Reading Buddies Grade 2&6 (1 block every 2 weeks)


- BC Teaching Certificate (or application stage)

- Bachelor’s degree in education

- Strong communication skills in English, both spoken and written

- Strong work ethic and professional commitment

- Excellence in interpersonal skills

- Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident

As an educator, you embody these qualities

- Passion: you deeply enjoy the craft of educating; your focus is on inspiring your


- Technical knowledge: you are knowledgeable about how to help students to gain skills

and a deeper understanding of concepts.

- Curiosity: you are a naturally curious person, and you help to foster curiosity in your


- Innovation: your planning involves novel and engaging methods of instruction.

- Social Emotional intelligence: you are skilled at teaching in a way that helps students to

feel safe to be themselves and to develop confidence.

Required documents

- BC Teaching License

- Copy of the TQS card

- Resume/CV

- Cover Letter

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July 13, 2024
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Full Time
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Pythagoras Academy Society
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  • Teaching Evaluations
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