* Masters Degree in Counselling or Counselling Psychology

* BC Teacher Certification

*** Days flexible

Work in collaboration with District Team staff and Secondary School teams to:

* support vulnerable secondary students by participating in school-based team meetings as required;
* support development of mental health/safety plans;
* complete Violent Threat Risk Assessments with school-based staff and community partners;
* support and lead school-based and district CIRT responses;
* support implementation of SEL/MH resources such as Second Step, Mental Health Literacy, EASE, 
Open Parachute and Stigma-Free; 
* support school-based counsellors through ongoing consultation, counsellor collaboration meetings, 
counsellor/LST newsletters, Snapshot development, and ongoing learning opportunities;
* counsel students/families where appropriate and required;
* collaborate with other District Counsellors and Learning Support Teachers to provide wrap around supports to 
school teams and students;
* develop and implement Mental Health workshops.