Under the general supervision of the Principal, the Registered Visual Language Interpreter will provide interpreting for deaf and hard of hearing students, classmates and educational staff in order to support students in their school activities and their Individual Education Plans.  The RVLI will also act, as an interpreter for School or District staff and other allied professionals providing and receiving relevant student information. The RVLIs may be deployed to other district sites when services are not required at the assigned location.



  1. Accurately interpret information from spoken English to American Sign Language/Signed English/Sign Assisted Speech as well as, from American Sign Language/Signed English to spoken English delivering the intent, meaning and register of the speaker at a level commensurate with the grade level of the student as required.
  2. Facilitate communication between deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students and staff by providing interpreting services in and out of the classroom, adjusting to the signing, educational and communication required.  This may include scribing ASL to written English.
  3. Interpret in educational situations such as classroom instruction, student-to-student dialogue, counselling sessions, tutorials, assemblies, parent/student meetings, field trips and any other situations requiring communication.
  4. Under the direction of the classroom teacher and teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, provides language extensions and vocabulary reinforcement to support academic concepts.
  5. Prepare, as necessary, for interpreting in an educational setting by reviewing educational material, vocabulary, concepts, sentence structure and plan for a variety of situations (e.g. non-close captioned videos, field trips, school assembly presentations).
  6. Participate in educational team meetings, including the development and review of progress on the Individual Education Plan, providing insight on the success of communication strategies with an appreciation of the confidential nature of all information relating to students, parents and staff.
  7. Address differences in auditory, perceptual, visual and memory abilities through augmentative communication.
  8. Must be a member in good standing of both the Westcoast Association of Visual Language Interpreters (WAVLI) and the Canadian Association of Visual Language Interpreters (CASLI) and abide by the WAVLI and CASLI Code of Ethics.
  9. Operate a personal computer and applications, FM equipment, and other augmentative communication devices for educational purposes as required.
  10. May, on occasion, be required to perform other job-related duties as assigned.







This is a unionized position. Job description #72 is available at sd79.bc.ca.


Please forward completed resume including official transcripts, certificates and a covering letter indicating how you believe you meet our qualifications, and three work references with permission to contact.  Please submit electronic applications as one PDF.


Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until filled and can be dropped off at the School Board Office, emailed or faxed to:


Jen Christenson, Staffing Officer and Systems Analyst

2557 Beverly Street, Duncan, BC V9L 2X3

Email:  jchristenson@sd79.bc.ca    Ph:  250-748-0321 (ext. 282)   Fax: 250-748-6591