Position Notes: Applications from entry level persons not holding full qualifications will be considered.

Normal hours of work 2:30 pm - 11:00 pm and/or weekend shifts.

Please be advised that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



REPORTS TO: School Principal or Department Head

With general direction the Custodian performs routine cleaning of District Buildings within clearly defined work methods and performs building security functions.  He/she works cooperatively with other employees, students and the public.

•Mops, sweeps and waxes floors, vacuums rugs and spot cleans and dusts as necessary.
•Washes walls, windows and door glass.
•Changes lights
•Cleans desks, counter tops, and changes chair glides as required.
•Cleans and sanitizes washrooms, mealrooms, classroom sinks, drinking fountains and replenishes supplies.
•Empties and cleans waster paper receptacles, garbage pails and pencil sharpeners.  Disposes of refuse.
•Locks doors and secures windows in allocated areas at termination of shift.
•Ensures that appropriate lights are shut off.
•Checks with the principal or supervisor concerning door locking times and checks all doors and windows following evening activities.
•Assesses emergency situations and contacts appropriate department or authorities.
•Familiarizes self with District’s custodial guidelines as outlined in the Custodial Handbook.
•Familiarizes self with the District security systems.
•Cleans chalkboard ledges and erasers as required.
•Wet mops floors as required.
•Clears exit doors.
•Tests fire alarms.
•During school holidays performs major cleaning operations and assists with interior cleaning as directed by the principal and/or the Custodial Supervisor.
•Cleans custodial equipment and reports items needing major repairs to the Principal.
•May be assigned to provide access and equipment to designated areas for groups such as extra-curricular school activity, night classes and community groups as pre-arranged by the Principal.
•Assists other custodians as required.
•Performs other custodial or emergent duties as required by the Principal.
•Building Maintenance Certificate or six months of specific experience.
•Ability to perform physical labour and to be able to use heavy cleaning equipment.
•Basic computer skills required.
•Ability to plan and schedule work and organize workload effectively so that essential cleanup is accomplished in the time available.
•Ability to maintain confidentiality.
•Ability to give and receive oral and written instructions in English.
•Ability to read and follow safety instructions and WHMIS labels/directions.
•Ability to use courtesy and tact in the explanation of and discussion of information in contacts with public, parents, staff and students.
•Ability to perform individually and as part of a team.
•Ability to work afternoon or day shift.
•Ability to work with interruptions.

Floor polisher/scrubber, vacuum cleaner (wet-dry), wax applicator, dry mop, wet mop, castor bucket and press, telephone, hand tools.

•Sufficient vision to perform custodial functions.
•Fundamental physical ability to operate heavy custodial equipment.
•Manual dexterity.