Oak and Orca School offers a unique learning experience to children aged 3 to 19 on our small campus in Victoria and to home-learners throughout the province.  A child-centred approach to education and a focus on bioregionalism make working at Oak and Orca a unique experience. If you want to explore alternative approaches to education and if you enjoy working as a team in a values-based organization, this could be a good fit for you.  Our Bioregional values promote environmental practices including modelling values such as arriving at work without a motor vehicle, participating in nature-based programming, re-using paper, and generally caring about our planet and our local environment in particular.  Bioregionalism also promotes connection among people, values practiced through compassionate communication techniques, and consensus decision making processes for appropriate decisions with various groups.

Staff typically work in both our campus school and our distributed learning school, offering a balanced practice of the more challenging work with children and distributed work with home-learners at a distance.  Opportunities include cycling field trips, nature-based teaching, multi-age topic oriented teaching, special education support, and distributed learning.  Everyone at the school has a different combination of tasks, with an attempt to match employees with tasks most suited to their abilities and interests.

Special education is a highlight of our diverse school.  Both the home-learning and on-site programs have a high percentage of special education needs, providing challenging yet rewarding work.  Our values align with making space for neurodiversity and learning to use compassionate practice with students of all ages and abilities.

Certified teachers at Oak and Orca are responsible for teaching students in both the home-learning and on-site programs. While there are many responsibilities listed below, not all are typically included in one position. Most staff have a blend of responsibilities based on their specific skills as well as the needs of the school from year to year.

General Responsibilities:
• Teach or co-teach open classroom, workshops, reading, active play, and/or math groups
• Teach in our Forest School, Pre-Primary, and/or Special Education programs
• Supervise and engage with students during breaks and before and after school
• Plan and run weekly field trips (often by bicycle)
• Support students to become active participants in their learning (planning, reflecting, etc.)
• Report non-judgmentally and anecdotally, including tracking the BC learning standards
• Manage student interactions in accordance with school culture/ethics/policies
• Attend consensus decision making meetings in teams
• General cleaning and maintenance of spaces
• Support the growth of our programs (e.g. developing curriculum for home-learning programs, marketing, responding to new inquiries, supporting new coworkers, community events, etc.)

Home-Learning Specific Responsibilities:
• Teach all learning areas for K-9 students, and/or specific learning areas for 10-12 students
• Guide student learning through the co-creation of an evolving learning plan
• Provide individualized suggestions for a student’s learning based on emergent needs
• Communicate with students and families through a variety of mediums (e-mail, video-conference, phone...)

The ideal candidate for the position will possess:
• Current BC Teachers Certificate through the Teacher Regulation Branch
• Experience working with children 4 - 18 years old
• Experience with home learning
• Strong phone and written communication skills
• Strong computer skills (i.e. quick typist, comfortable using internet and database systems, comfortable learning new programs, able to provide families basic trouble shooting)
• Experience with alternative teaching practices that focus on child-centred learning
• Understanding of bioregionalism and respect for the importance of ecological literacy
• Willingness to be mentored in the philosophy of the school
• Cooperative, team and group communication skills, as well as initiative and enthusiasm

Skills and knowledge in the following areas would be an asset:
• Strong ability as a cyclist (i.e. able to pull loads as well as cycle distances)  
• Creative arts, Second Languages, First Nations and Global Perspectives
• Swimming, Lifeguarding, Martial arts, Wilderness Skills
• Understanding of sciences and ecology
• Firm mathematical understanding
• Compassionate Communication
• Consensus Decision Making

** All staff are expected to use alternative transportation without a motor vehicle of any kind to get to work each day (ie bike, bus, walk, etc.).

Please see our website at https://oakandorca.ca for more information about our programs and values.

Please email work@oakandorca.ca if you have questions.