1.0 FTE Continuing full-time Merritt District TTOC teaching position.

 A District TTOC will serve as a full time available TTOC to serve the schools in Merritt and will be prepared to teach and work providing service to 5 Elementary, 1 High School, 1 Alternate and 1 DL School.


Moving Allowance Support:  $1500.00 for teachers within BC and $2000.00 within Canada.

 Observation of the Human Rights Code of Canada and being Culturally Aware to all is a requirement for this position. 

Interested applicants should go to our district website at www.sd58.bc.ca which provides guidance on how to apply for teaching jobs in our district.  Applications will be accepted until positions have been filled. 

Teachers interested in further information regarding this position should contact the Assistant Superintendent, Ms. Jane Kempston at 250-378-5161 or email: jkempston@365.sd58.bc.ca