On-Call French Immersion Teachers

Teach in BC’s most culturally diverse and urban school district, Vancouver School District No. 39. Set in one of the world’s most livable cities, Vancouver is a community-minded district seeking talented educators, progressive leaders, and skilled support staff to enrich the learning experience of Vancouver’s 50,000 students.

The District welcomes qualified applicants who value equity and diversity as essential to excellence. The distinct makeup of the VSB community strives to support the inclusion of all voices.  You may wish to share some lived experiences that demonstrate your connections to our diverse student community.

Vancouver has a thriving French Immersion program which includes fourteen elementary schools, four additional elementary schools offering Intensive French or Late French Immersion at the Gr. 6/7 level, and three high schools. There is a collaborative and engaged community of French Immersion teachers and principals/vice-principals.  We offer ongoing professional development and mentors to support our teachers.

The District Mentoring Support Teacher (DMST) Team directly supports teachers who are in their first five years of teaching, offers opportunities to connect and collaborate with other Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and provides resources, updates and newsletters through our online platform.

We are looking for teachers who are passionate about teaching French language and culture and are knowledgeable about best practices for second language acquisition.  Native-like fluency in French is essential for this position.  We are looking to hire On-Call teachers who are willing to accept long term teaching assignments.  


The Board's general requirement is that TTOC's be available for call-out on 50% of the instructional days in any month. 




Your application portfolio must include the following documents:

** Wdo not accept friends or teaching colleagues as references**

  Vous trouverez ci-dessous les instructions pour postuler à une offre d’emploi:

1.  Créer un profil sur le site internet “Make a Future” (http://www.makeafuture.ca)

2.   Une fois que vous avez completé votre profil, ajouter vos documents pertinents

3.   Afin de postuler à un emploi, sélectionner “Regions and Districts, Metro Vancouver, Vancouver 39”, ensuite “Current            Job Postings”

4.   Sélectionner le poste souhaité envoyer votre candidature

5.   Une fois votre candidature envoyée, vous receverez un couriel de “Make a Future” vous indiquant que celle-ci a bien          été reçue

6.   Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement le site internet “Make a Future” pour toute autre opportunité à venir

Please be informed, due to a high volume of applications, we are unable to notify unsuccessful applicants or respond to inquiries regarding the status of an application. We will contact applicants directly if we are interested in moving forward or if an application requires additional information.

*The VSB has been given approval from the Human Rights Tribunal for a Special Program under s. 42(3) of the Human Rights Code.  Under this special program, the VSB seeks to preferentially hire Aboriginal persons to a variety of teaching positions.  Therefore, each applicant may wish to provide, on a voluntary basis, information whether they self identify as an Aboriginal person*