TITLE:                      EDUCATION ASSISTANT




  1. Completion of secondary school and additional specialized training.




  2. Up to six months experience and or training applicable to the specific handicap identified.




  3. Patience with and care for children, and a demonstrated aptitude for the work to be performed.




  4. A love for, and desire to help, children.




  5. An ability to work well with others.




  6. Self-assurance and a well modulated voice with the ability to speak fluently and communicate well.




  7. Appreciation of the confidential nature of all information relating to pupils, parents and teachers.


RESPONSIBLE TO:            Teachers


SUPERVISES:                      N/A


JOB GOAL:                          To assist in providing a well organized, smoothly, functioning class/learning environment in which students can take full advantage of the instructional program and available resource materials.  Monitors and assists students during unstructured time such as recess, lunch hour, before and after school period and between classes.


Performance Responsibilities:


Under the supervision of the teacher:


  1. Prepares the classroom for student activities.




  2. Assists the teacher and/or administration in duties relating to supervision of students on the playgrounds, during rest periods and other non-instructional times.




  3. Assists the teacher and/or administration in duties relating to supervision of students in instructional periods in the classroom and in activities such as individual or group field trips.




  4. Assists student during classroom activities.




  5. Assists students with special needs such as toileting, dressing, eating, communicating and participating in activities.








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  6. Participates in staff discussions of individual students programs, and acts as a member of a team to set individual goals, and may if requested, confer with parents.




  7. Works with individual students in developing skill areas such as self-help skills and in reinforcing concepts not mastered.




  8. Records and charts student behaviour and learning goals if requested to.




  9. Reports safety, unusual behaviour, and discipline concerns to the principal or designate, but resolves any minor disagreements where possible.




  10. Ensures students enter the school at the end of breaks, as required.




  11. Attends to minor cuts or bruises as required.




  12. May be assigned supervision duties specific to each school.




  13. Supervises the transfer of students to and from appropriate buses, as required.




  14. May be required to work outside in inclement weather.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:       Maximum of six (6) hours per day during the

                                                            school year of September through June.


                                                            Teaching days, September through June or

                                                            when assigned students are normally in class.



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DATE:    February 18, 2016                            JOB TITLE:     Education Assistant


            Factor                          Degree             Points               Substantiating Data



1.         Knowledge                      4                    60            High school Grade 12 graduation plus an additional programme of up to one year or equivalent.


2.         Experience                       3                    45            Over six months, up to and including one year.


3.         Judgement                       4                    40            The job requires that changes be recommended to established methods or procedures.  Work involves a choice of methods or procedures or sequence of operation.


4.         Concentration                  3                    30            Almost continuous periods of short duration; OR Frequent periods of intermediate duration; OR Occasional periods of long duration.


5.         Physical Effort                 3                    18            Light activity of long duration; OR Medium activity of intermediate duration; OR Heavy activity of short duration.


6.         Dexterity                          3                    18            Employee is required to perform tasks that demand the accurate coordination of coarse movements, where speed may be a consideration.  There is requirement for some fine movements.


7.         Accountability                 4                    40            Actions could result in serious loss of time or resources; OR cause significant embarrassment within the organization and have limited impact on its public image.


8.         Safety of Others              4                    32            High degree of care required to prevent injury or harm to others.


10.       Interpersonal Skills          5                    50            Tact, diplomacy and human relations skills are required for frequent contacts of a difficult, specialized or sensitive nature for such purposes as influencing, persuading or securing the co-operation of others.


11.       Disagreeable               

            Conditions                       4                    40            Minor conditions of almost continuous exposure; OR Major conditions of frequent exposure.


            TOTAL POINTS                                  373




On behalf of C.U.P.E., Local 459                                On behalf of School District No. 62 (Sooke)




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