Kindergarten Teacher
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Job Code: 3045877 Closing Date: Ongoing
Employer: Pythagoras Academy Posted on: Jul 09, 2021
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Job Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Mandatory Document:
Certificates & Diplomas
Teaching Qualifications/Licenses
School: All Schools
Start Date:  2021-08-30
End Date:  2022-06-30
Job Description & Requirements

Pythagoras Academy is an exceptional co-educational independent school for students Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our school prides itself on a unique educational philosophy which champions the role of the Fine Arts. We believe in encouraging creativity in our students and consider it to be one of the most valuable and transferable core skills.


  • Ability to work effectively with students with varying challenges and unique needs,
  • Able to provide intellectual andbehaviour support to students,
  • Ability to work independently,
  • Able to create a safe and caring relationship with students that supports their growth and development


  • BC Teaching Certificate (or application stage) or Special Education Assistant Certificate
  • Strong communication skills in English, both spoken and written
  • Strong work ethic and professional commitment
  • Excellence in interpersonal skills
  • Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident

As an educator, you embody these qualities:

  • Passion: you deeply enjoy the craft of educating, your focus is on inspiring your students.
  • Technical knowledge: you are knowledgeable about how to help students to gain skills and a deeper understanding of concepts.
  • Curiosity: you are a naturally curious person and you help to foster curiosity in your students.
  • Innovation: your planning involves novel and engaging methods of instruction.
  • Social-Emotional Intelligence: you are skilled at teaching in a way that helps students to feel safe to be themselves and to develop confidence.

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