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Senior English Teacher
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China - CINEC Education Group Limited
Closing Date: Aug 14, 2017 11:30 PM PDT
  Posted on: Jun 14, 2017 
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Full Time
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
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Cover Letter
Jiaxing Senior High School
Start Date:  Aug 24, 2017
End Date:  July 1, 2018
Salary:  Competitive
Job Description & Requirements

CINEC is a trustworthy company with a dedicated owner/operator that acts with professionalism and integrity. As an experienced educator working in various schools within the BC Offshore community for 5 years, CINEC has provided me with a fair salary and treated me like family. CINEC values dedicated employees and promotes from within when possible for administrative opportunities. 

Working in Jiaxing provides a perfect balance between living in a big city and experiencing that small town feel. I've been able to build a community of friends and coworkers here that I value greatly. The green-space available in Jiaxing is like nothing I have seen in other Chinese cities, with hundreds of kilometres of walking/bike trails and an abundance of community bicycles for rent. Being on the Grand Canal system that extends through Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou provides picturesque scenes and represents the heritage of Jiaxing. If I'm looking for some international shopping or eating, Shanghai is a 28-minute fast train ride away. 

The school community we have built in Jiaxing is one of collaboration, positivity, and trust. The staff and I work together to ensure our students are getting the best possible education in a safe and fun environment. The students here are incredible, and teaching in Jiaxing is an extremely rewarding experience. 

Rebecca Block, M.Ed, B.A.

Principal at Jiaxing Senior High School – BC Offshore Program


About Our Company

CINEC Education Group is renowned in both China and Canada. Established in 2003, and with its headquarters located in downtown Vancouver, Canada, CINEC encompasses an integrated team of experienced and dedicated education professionals and consultants specializing in providing a whole range of short and long term customized educational programs locally and overseas. As a full-service offshore school operator approved by the BC Ministry of Education and an authorized educational agent in China, CINEC has standing agreements with education authorities in Shanghai and the Zhejiang province in China as operator of BC-certified offshore schools. Through our ongoing cooperation and partnerships with ministries of education and educational institutions, CINEC has earned a notable reputation for its reliability and high standards in the field of international education.

At CINEC, we believe in the philosophy of learning with responsibility. Thus, along with imparting knowledge and skills, our schools focus on instilling values in our students. Our schools encourage children to develop the values of mutual respect, discipline, sharing, caring, empathy, honesty and responsible citizenship.

About Jiaxing Senior School

When you walk into the corridor that leads to the B.C. Program at Jiaxing Senior High School, the energy is palpable. It is instantly apparent that the students and the staff are committed to making learning both fun and productive. Since the high school began in 2012, it has grown each year and now has about 75 students over grades 10 through 12. Small classes of no more than 30 students make it possible for teachers to interact with each student daily and to adapt their program to individual needs. At Jiaxing Senior High School, teachers are supported by a hard-working administrative team and a group of collaborative colleagues.

Benefits of Working at Jiaxing Senior High School

Professional Development:

  • Meet at least once a year with all four CINEC schools for a collaborative and informative professional development weekend
  • Take part in Skype sessions with professionals in Vancouver for professional development workshops
  • Have an experienced curriculum leader as a monthly facilitator for subject-specific programs and events
  • Work with fellow colleagues on subject-specific teams for mentorship and support
  • Class observations from the Principal
  • Experience a culturally unique learning environment
  • Enhance your skills of teaching students who speak English as an Additional Language


  • Smaller city/Water-town atmosphere
  • A short train ride to Shanghai and Hangzhou
  • Affordable transportation: taxis, buses, trains
  • Numerous opportunities to travel and explore other local and international cultures
  • Affordable child care, house-cleaning and food preparation
  • Financially rewarding
  • Meet other like-minded educators and expats from around the world


  • Hospital with an international wing
  • Imported food supermarkets
  • All modes of transportation available
    • Airport, trains, subway, buses, taxis, rent a bike service, and a ferry


  • Museums
  • Biking
  • Walking/Hiking trails
  • Local water towns and historical sites
  • South Lake
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Language schools
  • Karaoke Centers
  • Coming soon: A Lego Factory


  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance
  • Flight allowance based on point of hire, which more than covers the cost of your flight
  • Flight allowance for family
  • Bonus travel allowance
  • Fully furnished housing accommodation
  • Recognition of Masters Degree
  • Signing bonus
  • Retuning bonus
  • Competitive salary

How to Apply

CINEC Education Group is looking for experienced and passionate educators. Currently, we have one vacancy in our English Department at our Jiaxing, China location, which is only a 30 minute train ride away from Shanghai. Jiaxing has everything you need and is a beautiful water town to live in.  The school, staff and administration at Jiaxing Senior High School are incredible and inspiring to work with. Openings at this school are rare.

 If you are a global-minded educator and interested in a career with CINEC, please send your resume and cover letter to If you would like to travel and teach with another individual, we do hire teaching teams. We look forward to hearing from you!


Yours in education,


CINEC Education Group

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