1.0 FTE Continuing Inclusion Support Teacher - Kaslo, Meadow Creek, and Nelson
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School District #8 (Kootenay Lake)
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  Posted on: Aug 02, 2020 
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1.0 FTE Continuing Inclusion Support Teacher - Kaslo, Meadow Creek, and Nelson
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
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Job Description & Requirements
School District 8 (Kootenay Lake) is nestled in the Southeast corner of British Columbia.  We are a vibrant area, covering 6 "families of schools" in the centres of Creston, Crawford Bay, Kaslo/Meadow Creek, Nelson, Salmo, and the Slocan Valley.  Our area is beautiful, vibrant, a fantastic place to raise children, has a world-renowned Arts and Entertainment community, and easily accesses a variety of amazing outdoor pursuits.

Our FOCUS.LEARN.EXCEL philosophy and our Board of Education's Learning Goals of: Literacy, Numeracy, Indigenization and Inclusion guide our practice with our students.  We focus on excellence for all learners in a nurturing environment.


Job Description & Requirements
School District #8 (Kootenay Lake) has a vacancy for a continuing Inclusion Support Teacher - District Based.  

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance and promotes a sense of belonging for all learners. Inclusion is not just about learners with special needs. It is an attitude and approach that embraces diversity and learner differences and promotes equal opportunities for all learners. The inclusive education system is built on a values-based approach to accepting responsibility for all children and students. Our overall goal for our students is 100% Graduation, with school experiences in an inclusive setting.  

Guiding principles:

1)      All children are welcome at school
2)      Every child should experience a sense of value and belonging at school
3)      Meaningful programming needs to be provided within a child’s learning community
4)      Whenever possible, children should be educated with their peers in a common space (for the   majority of the time)

Inclusive Education in School District 8 provides both direct and indirect support to our students with exceptionalities and their educational teams. The purpose of our department is consistent with those of the District at large, as reflected in the philosophy of inclusive education.  District-wide competencies related to academic success, creativity & imagination, citizenship and resiliency of students with exceptionalities are addressed through the support of trained specialists comprising of inclusion support teachers, school psychologists, SLP, OT & PT services, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Teacher of the Visually Impaired and services for students requiring assistive technology.

From Shelley Moore:
We are diverse, all of us.  We all have strengths, we all have stretches, and we all need to get better at something.  The difference in teaching to diversity, however, is that we don’t start with our deficits; we start with our strengths…

From SET-BC:


Scope and Purpose of the role:
The purpose of this position is to provide a continuum of preventative, developmental, remedial and intervention services as a member of a multidisciplinary team approach. The collaborative involvement of classroom teachers, students, parents, case managers, learning support teachers, education assistants, principals/vice-principals, and outside community agencies is essential.
Emphasis will also be placed on transitioning students with learning needs into classes, between schools and into the community.
This is a district teaching position based out of Nelson, BC and reporting to the Director of Inclusive Education.

This is a busy role, with a significant degree of responsibility.  The incumbent will be expected to travel throughout parts of the district – sometimes in bad weather.  Meetings are sometimes after or before regular school hours.  There is a large proportion of this role that is paperwork –based, sometimes with deadlines.  The role requires tact, diplomacy, and confidentiality.    

Duties and Responsibilities:
The overall goal of the Inclusion Support Teacher is to support inclusion into learning experiences for students, with the long term Inclusive Education Department goal of Graduation for every designated student.  This position will be part of a team of 3 Inclusion Support Teachers, and part of a robust Inclusive Education team in the District.

•    Committed to the District and Departmental goal of 100% Graduation for All.
•    Committed to an inclusive model for all students.
•    Supports an inclusive model of service delivery, emphasizing the importance of the role of the regular classroom teacher in the support of student learning.
•    If qualified to do so, performs Level B assessments for students where necessary
•    Assists schools and staff members with the development and implementation of Individual Education Plans as ongoing effective communication and support tools.
•    Assists with the development of Competency-Based outcomes for students.
•    Assists with MyEdBC Competency-Based IEPs.
•    Provides expertise in IEP meetings, agency meetings, transition meetings, etc.
•    Selects and secures appropriate materials and equipment for students with individual learning needs.
•    Assists classroom teachers and case managers/LSTs with adaptations and modifications to meet the diverse needs of all students in an inclusive environment.
•    Facilitates communication among classroom teachers, case managers, learning support teachers, education assistants, administrators, counsellors, the District Based Team, and other support personnel.
•    Provides expertise for Functional Behaviour Assessments and consultation regarding Behaviour Plans.
•    Provides consultation at School Based Team meetings where requested.
•    Provides support with student transition (into kindergarten, between classes and schools, and into the community or post-secondary institutions).
•    Provides student specific in-service and professional development at the school and district level (eg: Inclusive Education strategies, Competency-Based IEP writing, MyEdBC, Mandt, PBIS, Executive Functioning strategies, Autism/FASD support, Down Syndrome strategies, etc).
•    Models appropriate strategies and techniques for staff to use to assist meeting the needs of all students in the regular classroom.
•    Shares responsibility for the roles of District Partner for Provincial Outreach Programs (e.g. Provincial Outreach Program for Autism, Provincial Inclusion Support Program, and Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, etc.).
•    Reviews student binders for designations, allocations, and audits.
•    Member of the District Based Team.
•    Works with the Director of Inclusive Education, other Inclusion Support Teachers, other Inclusive Education staff, and the School Psychologist(s) to continue to refine effective assessment practices and to set priorities.
•    Assists schools and the District with Ministry data collection (1701 special education data).
•    Works to enhance and support planned parental involvement.
•    Responsible for other job related duties as might be assigned by the Director of Inclusive Education.

•    Preferably a Masters’ Degree in Inclusive (Special) Education.  Applicants without a Masters’ Degree in Inclusive (Special) Education will be expected to have at least an Advanced Certificate or Diploma in Inclusive (Special) Education and substantial experience in Inclusive Education
•    Significant experience (5+ years) as an Inclusive Education teacher, Case Manager, and/or Learning Support Teacher
•    Successful classroom teaching experience (5+ years) of students with diverse needs at both the elementary and secondary levels
•    Training and experience in Functional Behaviour Assessment strategies
•    Familiarity with current assessments materials and methodologies – preferably training and experience in assessments
•    Extensive experience writing and implementing Individualized Education Programs including implementing adaptive technologies for students with diverse needs (e.g. augmentative communication devices)
•    Training and experience in writing and inputting Competency Based IEPs into MyEdBC
•    Interest in and experience with presenting to groups of people, including parents, school staff, District staff, and agencies
•    Knowledge of transition processes for students who are coming into the District and graduating from the District
•    Strong problem solving and communication skills
•    Flexible, adaptive, willing to seek solutions
•    Committed to Inclusive Education tenets for all students
•    Presentation/collaboration skills
•    Ability to learn new programs and technologies as part of the role
•    Excellent team work skills and a desire to work as part of a team – in schools and in the department
•    Must be registered as a qualified teacher through the BC Teacher Regulation Branch of the Ministry of Education

For more information please contact Director of Inclusive Education, Deanna Holitzki at dholitzki@sd8.bc.ca  

This position requires significant travel around the District throughout the year. The schedule of this position will be determined by the Director of Inclusive Education- please contact the Director for further schedule information.

School District 8 supports equity hiring for Indigenous applicants.

While we appreciate all applications, we will contact only those who have been shortlisted.   

*If you are experiencing any technical issues with your application process to contact Make A Future's customer service line as HR cannot upload or assist with these types of issues.  We also cannot accept documents via email such as cover letters/resumes/transcripts/teaching reports via email as they do need to be part of the employee's Make a Future profile.  

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