Education Assistant 2
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Job Code: 2967680 Closing Date: Ongoing
Employer: School District #57 (Prince George) Posted on: Feb 12, 2021
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Job Type:
Full Time
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ECE, EA and Support Staff
Openings: 1
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Cover Letter
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Start Date:  Jan 22, 2021
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Salary:  $ 26.51 - $ 27.65
Job Description & Requirements

POSITION NOTES: 30 hours per week  



REPORTS TO: Principal

With direction from the teacher, the Education Assistant 2 assists small groups and/or individual students with specific drill and practice activities in academic and behavioural domains according to an education plan.  Monitors and assists students during unstructured time such as recess, lunch hour, before and after school period and between classes.

•Performs Public Health Level 1 non child-specific health procedures (eg. daily hygiene, toileting, feeding, positioning, transferring).
•May perform communication procedures and performance skill activities under the direction of specialized staff (eg. remedial articulation, language stimulation, motor training, adaptive technology practice).
•Assists students in gaining independence in specific life skills.
•Accompanies students to community access activities.
•Assists with specific drill and practice activities and note-taking activities such as scribing.
•Assists in preparing instructional materials.
•Participates in conferences with parents and others as directed.
•Observes students and records these observations.
•Scores objective tests and assignments and keeps appropriate records.
•Administers medication to students as assigned by an administrator.
•Monitors student behaviour (academic/social) inside the school and on the grounds.
•Promotes and fosters co-operative relationships.
•Reports safety, unusual behavior, and discipline concerns to the principal or designate, but resolves any minor disagreements where possible.
•Ensures students enter the school at the end of breaks, as required.
•Attends to minor cuts or bruises as required.
•May be assigned supervision duties specific to each school.
•Supervises the transfer of students to and from appropriate buses, as required.
•May be required to work outside in inclement weather.
•Arranges, distributes, and collects activity materials and equipment.
•Assists in organizing and conducting school activities such as field trips, hot dog sales and other special events.
•Performs duties in compliance with safety regulations.
•Performs other Education Assistant 1 and 2 duties as required.

•Grade twelve education.
•Six college/university level courses related to learning/behavioural issues in children or youth (eg. Education assistance, Behaviour Management, Exceptionalities, Growth and Development, Interpersonal Communication, etc.)
•One year of related experience with children or youth with exceptional needs in a school, hospital or recognized community agency.
•May require experience with specific exceptionalities.
•May require a valid British Columbia driver’s licence.
•Ability to perform child-specific behaviour management techniques.
•Ability to operate or learn to operate school and/or personalized equipment (eg. recorder, computer, communication board, etc.)
•Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing in the language of instruction in or about the school.
•Ability to perform individually and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
•Ability to follow directions with regard to individualized education plans and the dispensing of medication.
•Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Common classroom and playground materials/equipment (eg: art supplies, computers, audio visual equipment, sports equipment, etc.)
Child-specific equipment (eg. computer, hearing aids, etc.)

•Sufficient vision and hearing to perform assigned duties independently.
•Ability to lift, transfer and assist students as required.
•Manual dexterity.

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