Maintenance Employee - Saint Michael's Elementary
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Job Code: 2975927 Closing Date: Ongoing
Employer: Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese Posted on: May 29, 2021
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Job Type:
Part Time
Job Category:
ECE, EA and Support Staff
Mandatory Document:
Cover Letter
Start Date:  Aug 24, 2021
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Job Description & Requirements

St. Michael’s Elementary School Maintenance Job Posting

Qualifications: Experience in maintenance and security of a school, including grounds keeping, minor construction, repairs, plumbing, electrical and other related project work.

Will be a multi-tasker and may be requested to perform other functions: i.e. help with loading, unloading, set up, take down, installation and clean up of furniture, equipment, public areas, etc.

Must have own vehicle and a valid driver’s license and be WHMIS certified. Must be physically fit to perform duties.

Please send Cover Letter and Resume attention: Anita Manalo, PEC Chairperson at

Hours of Work: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm – Monday to Friday - 25 hours per week. Hours are to be tracked on a Daily Time Log Sheet, which should be made available upon request. The employer reserves the right to require certain times in the interest of the school (including regular changes in start times). In the event of an emergency, the school may need to call the employee on short notice. An emergency call out allowance of $70 may be paid at the principal’s discretion. Emergency on Call 24/7, including attending to Security and Fire Alarm calls, snow removal before 7:00 am.

The following are designated as paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day, Labour Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas Day. In addition, Boxing Day shall be considered as a paid holiday if it falls on a regular working day. If the employee is required, in the event of an emergency, to work on a paid holiday, the employee will be given another day off at a time to be mutually agreed upon by the parties. Where a paid holiday occurs during the employee’s annual vacation, the holiday shall not count as a day of vacation.

Salary: Salary plus benefits is paid on the basis of 25 hours per week x 52 weeks = Annual Salary divided into 24 pay periods per year; payable on the 15th and 30th of each month. Hourly rate is between $27.98 to $30.73. Overtime is not payable. Salary includes any vehicle expenses incurred, i.e. gas, oil, insurance, etc. Benefits include extended health & dental coverage and pension. Sick days may not be converted into vacation or pay in lieu of sick days. The employee must notify the employer as soon as practicable if unable to work due to illness or injury.

Reports to: School Principal and Parish Education Committee Maintenance

Job Summary: Responsible for the safety, security, maintenance, repairs and some janitorial needs of the school including all the interior and exterior premises, grounds, parking lots, yards, gardens, trees and walkways within the St. Michael’s perimeter. Responsible for keeping all storage areas organized and to perform other duties as assigned.

Minor projects may include woodwork, millwork, construction, plumbing, painting and repairs. As well as the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of furniture, fittings, fixtures, plumbing, electrical, tools, equipment, drainage systems etc.

Employee will monitor jobs that are contracted out i.e. janitorial service, boiler & ventilation service, safety, security, fire/emergency equipment, roof repair, electrical, garbage collection, exhaust systems, snow removal, etc. Quotes for contracted out services must be presented to the Parish Education Committee for approval.

Safety Monitoring:
• Coordinate Fire Safety maintenance with the Principal
• Perform regular safety inspections and follow-up including grounds and playground equipment, emergency lighting, exits, and fire safety equipment

1) Reports to and works under the direction and supervision of the Principal. Must complete the daily Time Log Sheet.
Arranges to procure materials & supplies not more than once a week, within 2 working hours or earlier, subject to completion of the Job Order Form, duly authorized by Principal or PEC Maintenance Coordinator.
2) Should not accept verbal job orders directly from staff, parishioners or volunteers except in the event of emergencies. Job orders must be directed to the Principal by completing the Job Order Form.
3) Is responsible to complete projects within set time frames and those which would warrant immediate attention, and compliance, i.e clearing walkways of snow and other safety and security related incidents.
4) Oversees the maintenance of building, property and equipment which has been contracted out; any discrepancies/negligence on the part of the contractors, must be reported immediately to the Principal or PEC Maintenance Coordinator.
5) Maintain all supplies, tools, equipment, inventory, storage and workshop in an orderly fashion. Maintain a log/inventory of items borrowed by staff or parishioners.
6) Must comply strictly with WorkSafeBC safety regulations in the daily job performance and request extra help when required.

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