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Vice Principal
Job Code: 2068716
Egypt - British Columbia Canadian International School
Closing Date: Oct 05, 2017 11:30 PM PDT
  Posted on: Aug 05, 2017 
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Full Time
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Openings: 1
Mandatory Document:
Cover Letter
Teaching Evaluations
Practicum Reports
Certificates & Diplomas
Teaching Qualifications/Licenses
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Criminal Background Check (VSS)
School: All
Start Date:  Jan 01, 2018
End Date:  2020/06/30
Salary:  TBD
Job Description & Requirements

Vice Principal - British Columbia Canadian International School - Cairo

Preamble and position overview:

The Vice Principal assists the Principal in administering and supervising the school with respect to the implementation of education programs, student placement and programming, timetabling of teachers, student evaluation and assessment, reporting to parents, maintaining school records, general conduct of students.   The position requires someone who can work as a member of a team that involves mutual trust, collaboration and shared responsibility.  The Vice Principal is required to be highly visible around the school.

Required Abilities, Qualifications and Experience:
A B.C. teacher with current Certificate of Qualification including a criminal record check
A Masters’ degree in Education Leadership or a related field
Fluent in English
Excellent written and oral communication skills
A minimum of three years teaching, preferably in a BC school
A history of strong education leadership and organizational ability

Roles and responsibilities

Specifically, The School Vice Principal will:
develop a professional learning community based on interpersonal trust, collaboration, and interdependence.  
ensure the smooth operation of the school, including the implementation of the BCCIS Mission statement
develop a positive school climate and social responsibility through direct and intentional involvement with all BCCIS students
effectively deal with behaviour issues in a fair, consistent and timely manner in accordance with the BCCIS Code of Conduct
identify and resolve conflicts between students, teachers or combination of various people in a professional manner and ensuring               respect in the workplace
identify and effectively resolving parent issues and following an appeal process which involves the Principal when necessary and                 appropriate
support staff and parents to ensure a positive and safe learning and social environment for all BCCIS students 
work with the Principal to create professional development opportunities and provide guidance and professional insight/expertise in            program development, instruction and assessment practices
develop rapport with teaching staff at multiple levels through such things as mentoring, developing curricular scope and sequences,           promoting team building, and providing community/social/cultural support
supervise all school-based staff in a respectful and professional manner to ensure excellent performance and professional growth.
conduct teacher and teacher assistant evaluations
assist in the editing and printing of report cards  
conduct weekly staff meetings 
be familiar with timetable development and the administration of Maplewood
develop supervision and teacher assistant schedules
work with teachers/support staff to coordinate and organize extracurricular field trips
work with the Operations Manager to ensure appropriate transportation arrangements are made for students and that student                   behaviour on the bus meets expectations
be familiar with the content of the BC Global Education Program Operating Manual

*The Vice Principal reports to the Principal, Superintendent and the BCCIS Board.

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