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Job Code: 2757478 Closing Date: Ongoing
Employer: School District #75 (Mission) Posted on: Oct 17, 2020
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ECE, EA and Support Staff
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School: All Schools
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Salary:  $22.05 per hour
Job Description & Requirements


Mission Public Schools is located in the heart of the Fraser Valley and proudly serves 6,000 students and 1,000 staff.


Under the direction, supervision and evaluation of the Building Service Worker Foreman and/or Building Service Worker Leadhand and under the day-to-day direction of the school administrator, the Building Service Worker is responsible for maintaining the school in accordance with established procedures, with regard to safety, sanitation, security and appearance.


While their hours may be outside of the school day, Building Service Workers may be in contact with staff, students, parents and the general public as they go about their work.  Assistance is provided in response to enquiries and requests within general guidelines, such as those outlined by Rental Agreements or verbal instructions from supervisors.




Following instructions and standards established by the Facilities Department as well as recognizing the individual requirements of the school, the Building Service Worker performs the following:


  • Performs a variety of manual tasks such as sweeping, dusting, mopping, washing, vacuuming, polishing, brushing, disinfecting or scrubbing all surfaces of furniture, furnishings, floors, walls, glass, doors and other surfaces using a variety of equipment, chemical products and cleaning apparatus

  • Clean up of bio-hazards such as blood, saliva or other bodily fluids in accordance with infectious control measures

  • Operates a variety of caretaking equipment such as vacuums, polishers, and rug cleaning equipment.

  • removes garbage from the indoor receptacles

  • performs minor maintenance activities such as unplugging sinks, toilets, adjusting shelves, replacing glides/foot protectors on chairs, etc.

  • replaces burnt out lights – fluorescent, exit. etc. (up to 10 ft)

  • maintains entrances and adjacent sidewalks to buildings e.g. sweeping, snow removal etc.

  • orders custodial supplies by filling out requisitions, maintaining adequate supplies and an organized storage area

  • maintains W.H.M.I.S. binders and inserts new product safety data sheets and ensures containers used for storing supplies are properly labeled; uses cleaning solutions in a safe manner

  • provides general assistance such as shifting furniture, lifting boxes, etc.

  • secures the building by closing windows, doors, locking gates and activating the intruder alarm system and reporting concerns to the proper authorities – supervisor, security company, police

  • adjusts daily work schedule, within general departmental guidelines, to meet special circumstances, e.g. concerts, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

  • ensures copies of rental contracts, activities are posted in custodial room for reference and ensures groups using facility are authorized

  • performs major clean-up activities during school break times

  • assists with school opening and closing – checking adequate number of furnishings for classrooms, etc.

  • performs assistance and information to maintenance workers pertaining to repairs

  • performs visual inspection and reports necessary building repairs, unsafe conditions, hazards including fire extinguishers to the site office, supervisor or facilities using judgment to determine the level of risk of injury to others 

  • may be required to work alone

  •  acts in a professional manner when associating with staff, students, general public, rental groups in accordance with the Respectful Workplace Policy
  • performs other related duties as may be reasonably expected of a person in this position



  • Building Service Worker Certificate 
  • working knowledge of materials, methods and equipment used in custodial work
  • WHMIS certification or willingness to obtain

  • good safety awareness and practices, including the ability to use proper lifting techniques to climb and work safely on ladders and to apply materials in a safe manner, according to manufacturer’s directions and written instruction

  • ability and willingness to learn new practices and procedures related to cleaning methods

  • sufficient physical strength and stamina to perform the duties of the position

  • ability to independently with or without supervision

  • ability to work within departmental guidelines as to standards, methods, etc.; making adjustments as required

  • a willingness and ability to provide assistance to staff, students and visitors to the school by responding to enquiries and communicate effectively and professionally when dealing with students, staff, rental groups, and general public

  • awareness of emergency procedures in case of fire, flood, gas smell, power outages, accident or serious illness and location of hydro, gas, water shutoffs, electrical  and fire panel locations and the ability to reset breakers

  • knowledge of the district’s energy saving and recycle programs

  • working knowledge of healthy and safe work practices in accordance with WorkSafe BC Regulations for Workers

  • A clear Criminal Record Review to be updated every five (5) years

  • a valid BC Driver’s License and vehicle


The current casual building service worker starts at $21.67 per hour.


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