French Immersion and Core French Teacher-on-Call
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Job Code: 1441220 Closing Date: Ongoing
Employer: School District #63 (Saanich) Posted on: Jul 19, 2021
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Occasional / TTOC
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
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Saanichton BC
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Job Description & Requirements
Teacher-on-Call Opening
French Immersion and Core French Grades K-12
School District No. 63 (Saanich) invites applications for placement on our Teacher-on-Call list in the area of French Immersion and/or Core French. The successful applicants will be placed onto our Teacher-on-Call list for work at the Elementary, Middle or Secondary level.

  • A valid BC teaching certificate
  • Bachelor of Education degree
  • Major in French and fluency equivalent to a native speaker in both written and oral French
  • Two years successful classroom experience
  • Demonstrated use of highly successful instructional strategies in the classroom
  • Commitment to support the full range of student abilities
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully integrating the use of computer technology in instructional strategies
  • Effective communication skills with students, parents and colleagues
  • Commitment to continuing professional development
  • Successful experience with adapting and modifying materials for a diversity of learners
  • A commitment to the Principles of Inclusive Schools and Principles of Learning
  • Thorough knowledge of the French Immersion and/or Core French curriculum
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in building an integrated program
  • Demonstrated interest and a strong commitment to the emotional and social development of students

Application package should include
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copy of BC Teaching Certificate along with proof of valid membership
  • Copy of Teacher Qualification Service Card
  • University Transcripts
  • Copy of most recent Teaching Report or Teaching Evaluation
  • Name and contact information of three references

French Fluency Requirements for Teaching Positions in Saanich School District
Candidates seeking positions in core French Grades 9-12 and/or French Immersion K-12 are required to submit an official Test de Français International (T.F.I.) score (please see SD #63 minimum proficiency levels below). For candidates wishing to teach core French K-8, a separate District French Competency Test, in lieu of the T.F.I, will be conducted by the District Language Coordinator. All candidates, who are selected for further screening, will take part in a 45 minute employment interview conducted in French. If your French proficiency level has been assessed with a different tool, please contact
Minimum T.F.I. Proficiency Levels for S.D. #63:

  • French Immersion K-12 (Oral: 395 and Written: 420)
  • Core French Grades 9-12 (Oral: 305 and Written: 305)

Employment Interview Conducted in French:

  • French Immersion K-12 (*Advanced, native-like fluency)
  • Core French Grades 9-12 (*Advanced, native-like fluency)
  • Core French K-8 (**Proficient, functionally bilingual)
*Advanced (native-like fluency)

  • comfortable speaking spontaneously in a wide variety of situations and contexts
  • responds appropriately to questions and rarely makes errors related to faux amis
  • uses a variety of conversation strategies (circumlocution, intonation, self-correction, body language and verbal cues) and seldom resorts to English
  • speech flows well, is clear and pronunciation is native-like
  • vocabulary range is good for everyday conversations and for conversations related to an educational context but is more limited to topics that are infrequent or unusual
  • uses idiomatic expressions (some English-like structures are still present)
  • errors do not affect comprehensibility and are rare; however, Anglicisms are more frequent

**Proficient (functionally bilingual)

  • is willing to initiate a spontaneous conversation and can respond to questions and ask questions in common and familiar situations
  • approx. 80% of the time is able to comprehend questions and respond to them
  • strongly relies on conversational strategies (circumlocution, intonation, self-correction, body language and verbal cues) to convey 25% or more
  • requires prompting and assistance to maintain communication and sometimes resorts to English
  • vocabulary is limited
  • pronunciation is sometimes inaccurate and at times renders communication incomprehensible
  • most common idiomatic expressions are used
  • speech often contains an Anglophone turn of phrase and can be stilted or interspersed with English
  • overall, errors do not affect comprehensibility

T.F.I. Testing Site for Victoria:

The University of Victoria is an official T.F.I. testing site that offers both public and private test dates. Please visit the following websites for T.F.I. test dates, times, cost and information:

We wish to thank all applicants for their interest in the Saanich School District. Please be advised that only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

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