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French Immersion Learning Support
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School District #37 (Delta)
Closing Date: Aug 20, 2019 12:00 PM PDT
  Posted on: Jul 03, 2019 
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Full Time
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
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Ladner Elementary School
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Job Description & Requirements

Comp.#: 19-406           1.0 FTE        French Immersion Learning Support

The Learning Support Team teacher (LST) has an inclusion mindset and uses a strength-based approach to working with schools to enable student access to curriculum learning in the classroom environment. LST support Classroom Teachers and support staff in the work of supporting the inclusion of learners exhibiting unique learning challenges who:
•    are struggling with academics but have no formal Ministry designation
•    meet Ministry criteria as having a Learning Disability
•    are English Language Learners
This support is undertaken primarily through direct work with students, case-management responsibilities and collaborative work with teachers.
Direct Work with Students includes direct instruction that supplements efforts of classroom teachers. For example, intensive targeted instruction in reading, writing and numeracy.
Case Management responsibilities include coordinating the development and implementation of IEPs, AIPs and Student Learning Plans. This includes assessment and reporting of these goals as well as supporting student transitions and access to specialized services referrals (SLP, etc). Active case management includes working in a way that actively involves students in their planning (as appropriate) as well as their families.
Collaborative work with Classroom teachers include an emphasis upon:  
•    Implementing UDL strategies that build access for all learners
•    implementing responsive teaching strategies specific to individual students
•    implementing range of curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies and supports outlined in IEPs and AIPs
Learning Support Team teachers also work closely and collaboratively with fellow LST team members to build collective capacity. Learning Support Team teachers work collaboratively with all members of the School Based Team including Inclusion Team Teachers and school based resource room teachers.  

Successful candidate will:
Have a Diploma or Masters in Inclusive Education (focus on Learning Disabilities or equivalent) OR at least 3 courses in the area of Learning Assistance and Learning Disabilities. See Delta School District LA qualifications list for qualifying courses.
Have qualifications to teach at the appropriate grade level for this position
Use a strength-based approach and a UDL framework to enable student access to curriculum learning in the classroom environment
Teach students with identified with Ministry of Education special needs designations.
Develop and implement IEPs and AIPs
Work collaboratively with parents, teachers, Education Assistants and community service providers.
Have qualifications to undertake Level B assessments



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