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Job Code: 2652383
School District #75 (Mission)
Closing Date: Ongoing
  Posted on: May 20, 2019 
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Part Time
Contract / term
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Openings: one
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Hatzic Middle School
Start Date:  Immediately
End Date:  June 30, 2019, or until the gradual or full return of the incumbent
Salary:  as per the collective agreement
Job Description & Requirements

Hatzic Middle School Teaching Positions

Our school staff will collectively support all learners so they will achieve the essential learning outcomes by implementing Response to Intervention tiers and strategies.  Staff will work collaboratively in partners, in departments and as a whole to maximize student achievement and to participate in a professional learning community and personal professional development.  Effective formative and summative common assessments will form the foundation for assessment practices as well as intervention strategies.

The successful candidate will commit to effective middle school practices:

  • Teachers will have an understanding of Middle School culture and philosophy as outlined in the document, “This We Believe, the sixteen characteristics of Middle School.”
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Teachers will design and provide all students with timely formative and summative assessments that align with essential learning outcomes and monitor student progress effectively and communicate with parents in a timely manner. 
  • Teachers will implement effective and progressive classroom management strategies with diverse learners.
  • Teachers will be involved in professional development with an ongoing commitment to learn and implement new methodologies and strategies.
  • Teachers will work collaboratively with students, parents and staff to enhance the school as a learning community.

The successful candidate will also commit to the school and district objective of implementing Response To Intervention practices, including:

  • Teachers will work in conjunction with staff to implement Response to Intervention strategies at Tiers 1, 2, and 3.
  • Teachers will have a comprehensive understanding of curriculum, coupled with the ability to interpret curriculum appropriately to accommodate individual differences and incorporate personalized learning.
  • Teachers will work collaboratively with curricular partners on instructional strategies, implementing curriculum, meeting students’ educational needs, analyze common assessment and, utilize the data to implement intervention strategies. 
  • Teachers will provide instruction during open and closed tutorials as determined in collaborative team meetings throughout the year. 

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Learning Support Teacher (LST)

Learning Support Alternate Teacher (LSAT)


ASAP to June 30, 2019, or until the gradual or full return of the incumbent, FTE to be adjusted accordingly

Philosophy: LST

In order to meet the diverse learning needs of a school’s student population the organization of LST service delivery will vary from school to school. A LST has the specialized knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify, assess, plan, implement, report, and evaluate in collaboration with team members. The direct role of the LST is to provide focused instruction that is “in addition” to as well as “aligned with” classroom instruction. The indirect role of the LST is to act as an advocate for students, a case manager for students with an IEP and as a resource to school staff and parents who are supporting students with difficulties in learning and adjustment, or who require an individual education program.


Philosophy: LSAT

In order to provide school based inclusive support for students with social, emotional and behavioural issues a flexible on-site alternate program is required. A LSAT has the specialized knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to work with students with a variety of learning, and social/emotional behavioural issues including but not limited to (category R, H and Q). The direct role of the LSAT is to provide support and/or instruction of the provincial curriculum to student in an alternate setting. The indirect role of the LSAT is to act as an advocate for students, a case manager for students with an IEP and as a resource to school staff and parents who are supporting students with difficulties in behaviour and learning.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Special Education or extensive coursework in Special Education


  • Specific course work in Counselling Psychology is desirable


  • Successful teaching experience with at-risk youth, preferable in an alternate setting


  • Recent successful training and experience in Level B testing, interpretation and assessment


  • Training and/or experience at both the Middle Years and Secondary Core Curriculum


  • Experience teaching students with a variety of learning issues and designations as outlined by the Ministry of Education


  • Experience as a case manager for designated students, including experience with IEP’s


  • Experience implementing effective student intervention plans at the classroom level


  • Experience working with students with dual designations and complex learning profiles (eg. Students with a learning disability and behavioural issues or students with complex emotional/learning needs)


  • Familiarity with UDL and RTI

General Duties:

  • Focus on prevention – instruction for students who are academically at risk (e.g. failure, drop-out)


  • Working with assigned students (designated or non-designated) in the LST/LSAT blocks on skills, learning interventions and/or homeworkand course completion
  • On-going curriculum/classroom based assessment as well as level B assessments to answer questions about how best to provide instruction or support


  • Call and chair IEP and Integrated Case Management (ICM) meetings


  • Complete File Reviews, and other documentation to support the designation process


  • Case manager for IEP process including inclusive consultation with classroom teachers, parents and other relevant specialists and students, as well as, monitoring the implementation of the IEP


    • An effective IEP will guide the implementation of adaptations and/or modifications to a student’s instructional program.It should be driven by quality assessment information and must be written in such a way that all current and future team members can understand it.


  • In consultation with the school psychologist, synthesize information from psycho-educational reports, language and curricular assessments, student records, parents and other service providers (may include relevant health-related information)


  • Adaptations – teach and support an identified special needs student’s use of adaptations towards a Dogwood graduation diploma


  • Collaboration with classroom teachers to design or implement instructional strategies or to adapt instructional content or materials


  • Provide opportunities for health and career education and life skills development


  • Maintain a safe and caring environment in the classroom


  • Connect with high-risk youth in a non-judgmental, patient and optimistic manner


  • Reporting on student progress in addition to the classroom teacher’s report


  • Assist with the development of student behavior and student safety plans


  • Development of transition plans that address specific educational, vocational, social and behavioural needs of the students as well as specify the supports and services necessary for success


  • Coordinate collaboration between school personnel, district staff, representatives from community services (including post-secondary) professionals from other government ministries, parents and the students themselves.


  • Liaise with a wide variety of support agencies for youth in Mission, including but not limited to MCFD (SW and CYMH), Xyolhemeylh, Fraser Health, Mission Community Services, Fraser House, Child, Youth Crisis Program, Career Advisor and MY House


  • Identifying students who require adjudication and confirming they qualify for adaptations


  • Documenting adaptations for test writing in IEPs and logbooks


  • Training readers/scribes and communicating with classroom teachers the needs of students receiving adjudication


  • Provision of instruction as required

Schedule: DAY 1

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